Thursday, October 25, 2012

Active Web Group, Inc. Now Offers Free Responsive Web Design Analysis

Active Web Group, Inc. (AWG), an award-winning online marketing company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, today announced a Free Responsive Website Analysis, for business owners who may be considering a new website or redesign of their existing online business. Responsive web design (RWD) is a web development strategy in which a site is planned to provide an optimal user experience in terms of navigation and be accessible across a wide range of devices –from desktops to mobile phones. Interested business owners may expect a thorough site review and design suggestions for tailoring the new site to be flexible and highly efficient for visitors to use.

“Responsive web design is more than an industry buzzword,” states Pat Norton, Vice President and Director of Business Development, Active Web Group, Inc. “It is a sound business practice to give the customer what they want and the online tool that they will need to maintain their competitive edge,” he states. A responsive website is designed to ‘respond’ to the device that accesses it and delivers appropriate output. “According to Google, 67% of mobile users state that they are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site,” Norton adds. “And 74% say they will return to mobile-friendly sites to make repeat purchases. Therefore responding to consumers’ needs by creating mobile-friendly sites is an imperative,” he concludes.
Why Consider a Responsive Design Website?

Web designers everywhere listen to the latest search engine optimization mandates and adjust their practices accordingly to ensure high search engine rankings and ultimately a higher ROI. In fact, Google has recently stated that their ‘preferred format’ is now responsive web design.

A hallmark of flexible and responsive web design will provide scalable functionality into the future. If a mobile site is under consideration by a prospective client, for example, Active Web can customize the primary site so that a mobile site may easily be ‘spun off’ concurrently or in the near future. Business owners who may be ready to take that next step are advised to contact Active Web Group as soon as possible for their customized, no-cost responsive web design analysis.

A full-service agency, Active Web Group also has extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile websites, Digital Media, Programming (all proficiencies including php, asp and, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, E-Commerce, Magento Ecommerce, WordPress Ecommerce, custom solutions and Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

Source: prweb

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012 Volume 2 released by Infragistics

Comprehensive Tool sets Empower Customers to Deploy Better Performing, Modern Applications Across Multiple Platforms

Infragistics, the design and user experience (UX) software company and a world leader in user interface (UI) development tools and business productivity apps, announced today the availability of NetAdvantage® Ultimate 2012 Volume 2. Packed with high-performance controls, Touch support enhancements and business intelligence capabilities, Infragistics delivers limitless solutions for every business application scenario.

Whether customers are engaged in mobile or web app development or standardizing on mature platforms, Infragistics UI bundles produce powerful end user experiences that affect a business's bottom line.

"Companies such as Infragistics extend the value of Microsoft solutions and platforms, helping organizations create meaningful experiences that solve problems, drive inspiration and maximize results," said Tom Lindeman, director of the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program at Microsoft. "NetAdvantage provides development teams the tools they need to more easily capitalize on enterprise data sources, yielding consistent, high-quality user experiences in applications across modern platforms and devices."

This release marks the inclusion of beta toolset NUCLiOS, the first commercial class and enterprise-supported UI toolkit for iPad development and an Android Community Pack, named Iguana, for the Android developer community.

"This is an exciting time for the developer market and Infragistics," said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. "For two decades customers have turned to Infragistics to build the best in state of the art UIs for Windows platforms and the web. For the first time in our history, we bring Apple iOS developers into the Infragistics ecosystem with our native NUCLiOS UI controls. Now, every developer can create exceptional applications that deliver modern functionality, substance and style, across any platform."

Highlights in this release of Infragistics NetAdvantage platform include:

Investment in mobile UI development with the introduction of NUCLiOS, the iOS UI beta toolset, and Iguana, the Android Community Pack.
Introduction of data visualization data chart and geospacial mapping controls in NetAdvantage for jQuery (renamed Ignite UI) to produce the best apps for any browser, platform or device.
Windows UI theming and Touch gesture support across Infragistics HTML5/jQuery, XAML, ASP.NET, and Windows Forms toolsets.
Native and cross-platform mobile feature enhancements to empower on-the-go decision makers anywhere, anytime on any device with highly performant, cutting-edge, native apps.
Visual Studio 2012 cross-platform compatibility that takes advantage of the latest features in Visual Studio 2012 to enrich the developer productivity experience.
Enhancements to the jQuery, XAML and ASP.NET grids and charts to ensure market leading performance and reliability.
"Infragistics leaves no one behind with this release of NetAdvantage," added Guida. "Our commitment to deliver great end user experiences propels the company to develop the most comprehensive UI toolsets available today -- for every device and platform."

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 met Visual COBOL integreet by MicroFocus

Integration achieves quality platform for modernizing business-critical COBOL applications

 Micro Focus , a specialist in the field of modernization, testing and management of enterprise applications, today announced that Micro Focus Visual COBOL integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Developers can now use Visual COBOL within the development environment Visual Studio 2012. This allows existing COBOL applications are used, improved and deployed alongside other Microsoft platforms and programming languages ​​such as C #, Visual Basic and ASP.NET.

Organizations around the world depend on which enterprise COBOL applications run. These form the basis of many IT systems and business-critical processes. By integrating Visual COBOL and Visual Studio 2012, developers of both the current generation and those of tomorrow, use of leading development tools. Moreover, the productivity of the developer, in providing new and updated software, increased. Different development teams, which were previously spread across multiple technical disciplines, are now united and can therefore effectively together. Furthermore, organizations that make the transition to new platforms do not suffer from the lack of COBOL professionals.

"We are honored to partner with Micro Focus to work on the optimization of Visual Studio 2012," said Tom Lindeman, Director Visual Studio Industry Partner Program at Microsoft. "Visual Studio 2012 improves the development process and helps teams of any size needing to collaborate more efficiently. By adding Visual COBOL development teams have all the means to quickly provide quality and modern applications to build. "

Kevin Brearley, senior director of product management at Micro Focus: "Both Microsoft and Micro Focus walk at the forefront of technical innovation in the development and modernization market. We are constantly innovating and are proud that we are the new generation of COBOL development products can make to the current Visual Studio user. The integration is an important step that ensures that Visual COBOL not only now but in the future will continue to achieve business innovation. "

The main advantages of Micro Focus Visual COBOL are:

The ability to critical business applications ready for the future. The applications can be migrated to Windows platforms and retain as their value.
The productivity and performance of the developers improved. This causes the expanded resources and the software can be quickly developed and delivered.
The ability to modernize COBOL systems and access to mobile and web channels.
More information about Visual COBOL is available at .

Borland DevPartner Studio 11
In addition to the integration with Visual COBOL, Micro Focus has also Borland DevPartner 11 with Microsoft Visual Studio integrated. This integration improves application development, reduces costs and speeds delivery of applications. Application developers can now solve problems from within Visual Studio 2012, locate instability and potential defects detection.

Complete ASP.NET 4.5 Support Offered by OrcsWeb

OrcsWeb is one of the leading providers of Microsoft Windows-based cloud and dedicated server hosting solutions. To remain at the top, the company must remain up-to-date on all the latest technologies. Their quick adoption of the latest version of ASP.NET only cements their dedication.

OrcsWeb announced that ASP.NET 4.5 is now available across all platforms – cloud and dedicated. They worked closely with Microsoft throughout the beta stage to make sure their .NET 4.5 support was perfect. Users can expect new features, increased performance and control, and other benefits with the latest release of .NET.

“ASP.NET 4.5 is the most exciting release of the .NET framework yet. Microsoft has made significant performance improvements in both application startup and memory utilization that customers will recognize immediately,” according to Jeff Graves, Director of Technology. “Security improvements help web developers easily protect their application from malicious users with unobtrusive validation and the baked-in AntiXSS library. Asynchronous HTTP calls are much easier to manage with the new await command. The best part is that OrcsWeb clients can take full advantage of these features today, across all of our platforms.”

Here are the key improvements that users will find built into .NET 4.5:

ASP.NET 4.5 uses bundling (which combines separate JavaScript files for faster loading) and minification (which reduces the size of JavaScript and CSS files by removing unneeded characters).
ASP.NET 4.5 can read, write, and flush a stream asynchronously. This asynchronicity lets you send data to a client incrementally without tying up operating system threads.
The new async and await keywords make it easier to write asynchronous HTTP modules and asynchronous HTTP handlers.
ASP.NET 4.5 provides ways to read un-validated request data so that you can allow users to pass markup for selected fields or pages.