Saturday, November 10, 2012

WURFL Cloud Client Available on Windows Azure

ScientiaMobile, Inc., a US company offering the popular WURFL framework commercially, has today announced the availability of the WURFL Cloud Service on the Windows Azure Marketplace for ASP.NET developers. Companies that need to tailor their content to mobile devices can rely on state-of-the-art Device Detection from a company with 12 years experience in this field.

“A conspicuous amount of our infrastructure is running on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is fast and reliable. Organizations loyal to the Microsoft platform will be pleased to know that the WURFL cloud latency will be even lower for Azure-hosted applications.” - said Steve Kamerman, COO at ScientiaMobile.

“For us, the Azure Cloud is just one side of the Azure story. The other side is the Windows Azure Marketplace. It is a great place to publish, advertise and sell software components for the benefit of the community of ASP.NET developers,” said Krishna Guda, ScientiaMobile’s CEO. - “Being part of Azure obviously represents an opportunity for ScientiaMobile to extend the reach of our technology and having a clear path to developers in the Microsoft galaxy. For this reason, I asked my team to double down on the Azure integration in order to establish our well-deserved position on the portal as the first framework for mobile device detection. That objective is accomplished and we are very satisfied.”

“Microsoft has been aware of WURFL for a long time. Microsoft developers have adopted WURFL for many years simply because of word of mouth. Seeing WURFL being powered by the Azure Cloud and offered as part of the Azure Marketplace is the natural evolution of a developer library that has conquered its credibility the hard way throughout the years. ScientiaMobile’s choice of adopting both the Azure Marketplace and the Azure Cloud leaves us very pleased” - said Luca Venturelli, Server & Tools Business Group Lead at Microsoft.

Developers can sign up to the WURFL Cloud Service on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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