Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PivotTables Now Available within OfficeWriter 8.4

SoftArtisans has released the newest version of Officewriter. With OfficeWriter 8.4, users can now create, modify, and remove PivotTables within their Excel Workbooks, gaining more control over their data and Office documents.

SoftArtisans announced the addition of PivotTables to their OfficeWriter product today. OfficeWriter 8.4 is now available for download. Included in this new version, is the ability to create, modify, and remove PivotTables within users’ Excel workbooks. With the new PivotTable functionality customers have the ability to add Report Filters to better filter and sort their data, as well as change the data source of a PivotTable (including PivotTables already copied with CopySheet). This provides users with more fine-grained control over their data and reports.

Also included in this product release are new features to their WordTemplate model. Within WordTemplate DOCX files, users now have the option to programmatically set the document properties of their DOCX files and to remove bookmarked content when delivering reports.

OfficeWriter provides customers the ability to programmatically create, read, and manipulate Word and Excel documents in customer server-based applications without Microsoft Office on the server.

In addition to legacy binary file formats XLS and DOC, OfficeWriter supports OOXML files. As a trusted part of enterprise applications, OfficeWriter is easier to use than the OpenXML SDK, and, unlike automating Office on the server, is scalable and optimized for use in ASP.NET. To see the complete list of new features in the current product version, please visit the change log.

Source: PR Web

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