Monday, October 20, 2008

Microsoft's Web Platform finally comes together

There are dozens of little tools and services you need to download from Microsoft in order to actually start developing Web applications on your own. Finally, the company has decided to make them all available through a single form.

For over two years now, one of the most frequent requests heard at Web development conferences -- especially Microsoft's annual MIX in Las Vegas -- is for the company to create an easier, one-stop shop for the distribution of the basic components one needs to start developing Web pages using Microsoft-supported technologies. Late in September, the company took its first steps in that direction by deploying a simple installer that pre-selects the myriad of tools and services necessary for someone to start building ASP.NET, classic Active Server Pages (IIS), or even PHP applications in and for Windows.

In the interest of moving developers forward, the installer only works in Windows Vista, although the items it makes available aren't necessarily restricted to Vista. In BetaNews tests, we were only able to get the installer to work on a physical Vista SP1-based production system, after several failed attempts with a similar virtual machine. Since this is only an installer, we're not certain what true barriers there may be to installing these components other than artificial ones -- certainly PHP pre-dates Vista by several years. Read More..

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