Friday, October 31, 2008


Ever since Microsoft has come up with, there has been a widespread debate among programmers as to whether it is any better than the existing open source programming language of PHP.

If you were to make a search on the Internet on how loyalists of both PHP and are doing almost everything by biting each other's heads off, you will realize how hot this debate actually is. The major contention is that Microsoft products are generally considered to be superior to other products, but then there are programmers that have been using PHP since ages and never once has it let them down. While there is acclaim for being more robust and speedier, PHP fans maintain that PHP has much better support and a very easy to understand language.

As the debate between PHP and rages on, it is important to make a frank comparison between the two languages, so that other developers who are not so strong in their opinions are not caught in the argument between the two. Here are some of the important points that distinguish the two programming languages from each other:-
PHP is a relatively simpler language to use than Initially, PHP was written in the C programming language to replace a set of scripts in Perl. That is the reason why coding in PHP remains simple even today. Many developers find themselves to be more at ease with the user-friendly nature of PHP when it comes to coding. However, critics also count this advantage of PHP as a disadvantage. Some of them maintain that the language of PHP has not been updated much, and hence it is still quite archaic and even, somewhat cumbersome for coding., which is a relatively new development, has a lot of options when it comes to languages. Here, you can use languages such as C#, J#, C++ and Hence, when it comes to sheer choice, has better to offer. But PHP is no less, since it can do its task quite well, even with its minimum language tools.

» PHP is has much better support for the database management system, MySQL. In fact, the very popular blogging platform, WordPress uses the formidable combination of PHP coding on MySQL for its content management system, which includes about hundreds of thousands of blog posts every single day. Another very popular and frequently updated service that uses the combination of PHP and MySQL is Wikipedia. can also support MySQL, but PHP is unanimously hailed, by the masses and classes alike, for its great support for this database management system.


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Ayodeji Odusote said...

As great as your arrticle could have been, the scent of sentiment in it crushed the beauty. if you have to compare ASP.NET and PHP, you have to define the ground properly.

How can you be comparing ASP.NET and PHP in term of DBMS and you are using MySQL and SQLite as yard sticks? That is grave injustice.... I could do the same using SQL Server and let's talk about PHP strength in that wise....

PHP is not simpler. It is interest-based. I started programming with C, then C++, then C#. I have not found PHP more simpler or more interesting. It depends on your tutor.

"People who use both PHP and also maintain their opinion that PHP is better for embedded support with another database management system, viz. SQLite. SQLite is described as a relational database management system and since it is contained in a C programming library, PHP can provide better support to it." - that is not true. I use both and it is not true. i have a couple of friends that write both too and we know that ASP.NET is better.

In terms of OOP, don't even compare. ASP.NET is fully OOPs, PHP is not

In terms of support, it is not true that PHP wins. It is not by the amount of fora found online, it is how much you have to search to find. MSDNOnline provice everything for ASP.NET with walkthroughs.

I wonder what the immediate windows are meant for in ASP.NEt if not commandlines?

If you know what JIT is, you'd know that ASP.NET only needs to compile the first. For every subsequent time, it does not. PHP does parsing everytime. Find out!!

For charges, it's up to the clients.

Does being older means better? If that is, tell me about B.

YOu can hit me!!