Friday, January 9, 2009

Mount Remote FTP And Webdav Servers

NetDrive is a software to mount remote ftp and webdav servers that somehow has never been mentioned at Ghacks before. That’s a rare occurrence especially if the software is well designed and free. A large portion of webmasters have to connect to remote ftp servers regularly to update files on the website. There are obviously other ways to update files like an admin interface that allows the direct manipulation of files on the server.

An alternative to connecting to remote ftp servers with ftp programs is to mount the ftp server as a local drive on the computer system. NetDrive provides the means to do that.

The software comes with a clean interface that has several popular ftp servers preinstalled. New servers can be added by providing the IP, port, username, password and drive letter for that connection. There is also a setting to define when the ftp server or webdav server should be added as a drive letter. The options are to do that when the system starts or when NetDrive starts.

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