Monday, January 5, 2009

The perfect time to release source code?

Microsoft released last week a ASP.NET MVC demo project called "Oxite" and many Newssites wrote things like "MS launched open source blogging plattform". It´s great that Microsoft released the source code, but on the other handside, there are many criticisms from the alpha geeks. The question is: Should source code only released if it is "perfect"?

As a software developer I think open source is great and I´m very happy that open source is becoming more and more popular. Even development teams at Microsoft release more and more open source code (e.g. MEF, .NET Framework…). "Oxite" was developed by the MIX Online team.

What is Oxite?
"Oxite" is a blogging plattform. It use the new ASP.NET MVC framework (which is itself beta). The Microsoft ASP.NET MVC team don´t even know, that the MIX guys use their stuff. Unfortunately the source code isn´t a great resource for a beautiful architecture (currently - refactoring is going on!).

The problem with Oxite
Every developer know: You don´t have endless time or endless money and your customer wants to see something. Often the right guys with the know how are unrechable and that´s why you are now the developer who implements it - the first time of course!

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