Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Telerik Sitefinity 5.1 Adds Native Support for ASP.NET MVC

New Release Offers Enhanced Tools for Developer Productivity, Plus Radically Redesigned Email Campaign Management for Marketers.

Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application, lifecycle and content management solutions, today announced several key enhancements to its award-winning ASP.NET Content Management System (CMS), Sitefinity. These include full ASP.NET MVC and Razor support, as well as a redesigned email campaign management tool, continuing Telerik’s commitment to deliver the most advanced Web content management platform to developers, marketing end-users and IT managers, while maintaining an extreme focus on usability and productivity.

Native Support for ASP.NET MVC
In order to accommodate evolving trends in web development, the Sitefinity 5.1 release adds native support for the ASP.NET MVC web application framework, together with its Razor rendering engine. This framework mandates the separation of the three building blocks of an application – presentation (View), logic (Controller) and data (Model) – ensuring clean separation of concerns between application layers, making it easier for developers to organize and manage their apps.

ASP.NET MVC enables developers to completely control the markup of web pages, as the abstractions provided by the Control class are gone. With the explosion in popularity of JavaScript, client-side frameworks and AJAX, this developer control is increasingly critical.

With this release, Sitefinity also becomes the first CMS to let developers switch freely between Web Forms and MVC. Each Sitefinity page and template has 3 modes: Web Forms, MVC and hybrid mode - where MVC controllers and Web Forms controls can exist on the same page. These techniques can be mixed-and-matched within a single Sitefinity project, enabling existing projects to be gradually transitioned to MVC if desired.

Enhanced Tools to Increase Developer Productivity
The Sitefinity 5.1 release includes enhancements to Sitefinity Thunder, its Visual Studio plug-in that increases developer productivity. Using Sitefinity Thunder, developers can now work directly with their Sitefinity website through Visual Studio, enabling them to stay in the tool where they work, and centrally manage connections to all of their projects in one place.

With Sitefinity 5.1, developers can directly access and modify their website’s widget templates and, because these templates contain full IntelliSense-support, developers can spend more time coding and less time reading documentation. Furthermore, developers can fast-track their Sitefinity development by utilizing templates for widgets, widget designers, field controls, layouts and themes. This simplifies the process for developers to create a suite of Sitefinity extensions and then re-use these extensions in multiple projects.

Redesigned Email Campaign Management
The 5.1 release also adds a radically redesigned email Campaign Management Tool to help businesses meet their marketing objectives. The email tool enables marketers to effortlessly launch new email campaigns, then track the effectiveness of the campaign through detailed analytics. Each message can be personalized and then refined through sophisticated A/B testing. Furthermore, because these features are fully integrated into Sitefinity, companies can create effective email marketing that blends seamlessly with their other online marketing efforts.

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