Monday, July 23, 2012

Triniti PSo – PPPM solution for optimised project, operational management

Triniti Business Solutions’ award-winning PSo toolset offers a real solution to companies’ project, programme and portfolio management (PPPM) and operational management challenges.

PSo is enabled as a cloud computing software as service (SaaS). PSo Web-based system encompasses the improvements in security, access and technology and delivers the power of a browser-based system, giving you the power of the Web with the value of a desktop application: one point of installation and maintenance.
Recent implementations were deployed using Microsoft SharePoint 2010, ASP.Net and Windows 8 token development. PSo is designed into logical functional units to allow you the option to select modules that apply to your business requirements, encompassing various PPPM methodologies.

Utilising Microsoft platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint 2010, PSo is flexible, scalable and designed to mitigate risk while increasing a company’s productivity, performance, delivery and profitability while improving tasks, activities and team collaboration.

PSo overcomes changing PPPM environment woes

The proverbial proof is in the pudding – Pso has, since its inception in 2006, delivered myriad tangible customer benefits across South Africa.

For instance, PSo enabled an enterprise customer to overcome the various challenges associated with a constantly changing project and operational environment, while consolidating various silos within the organisation.

Facing issues such as disparate methodologies, support process and skills, Triniti’s PSo had to overcome these issues while retaining the customer’s intellectual property (IP) and staff contingent.

Meeting the challenge head-on, Triniti Business Solutions implemented PSo’s operational and management controls using an integrated model to minimise risk. Furthermore, quality management standards are integrated throughout the organisation to prevent repetition.

Business intelligence relating to real status was made readily available. Also, BI and EI (enterprise intelligence) were integrated to provide information on resources, benefits and costs for effective planning and decision-making.

The overall PSo implementation was recognised through industry awards, accolades and nominations.
PSo benefits

PSo customers have consistently listed the following important benefits derived from their partnership with Triniti Business Solutions:
* Visibility - available across project processes and performance measurement.
* Integration - across all project management standards; all documentation; all human, material and equipment resources management.
* Alignment – from the feasibility phase throughout project until project close-out.
* Communication - 24/7 through reporting on project and strategic operations.
* Control of all versions of communication, reporting and document changes.
* Effective decision management.
* Empowered team members which lead to increased productivity.
* Delivery and result focused.
* Exact view of full project at all times.

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