Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Microsoft Office Store goes live

Microsoft has declared the Office Store open, meaning those running the Office 2013 preview can now integrate various web-based services into their productivity software.

A number of “cool apps” can now be tested out with the preview versions of Office, SharePoint or Exchange. Microsoft introduced the customer preview release of its Office 2013 productivity suite last month, and has been busy talking up its cloud-related features.

“We’ve built the store so you could integrate the very best of the web with the powerful features of Office and SharePoint,” said Microsoft’s Vivek Narasimhan in a company blog post. “We’ve also focused on making it really easy to get, install and use apps.

“All apps that are listed on the Store get extensively validated so users can trust them. Since these apps are all based on web-standards, they load straight away – there’s no need for IT to pre-load them. If you use a new machine, just sign-in with your Microsoft account and all your apps will be there.”

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