Thursday, November 13, 2008

How To Localize Your Application Using String Tables

Until a couple of years ago, most software applications were released in English. Unfortunately for us the developers, nowadays, many customers require that that the product they purchase, will be localized to a specific language (other than English). I know, for instance, that there is a European law which requires healthcare products to be localized to the European market (starting from 2009 or 2010). Because this article is about how to localize your application using string tables, I recommend you to first read about a free tool which helps you extract hard coded strings to string tables. Don’t go any further before you also read about how to generate public properties for string tables, you must read it.

Setting up a String Table

I assume that you already have some user interface which needs to be localized, I will demonstrate this process with Windows Forms but it doesn’t matter what UI framework is being used. The first thing to do is to add a string table, you can add it to your UI project or to another project (if it will be used from other assemblies as well).

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