Monday, November 10, 2008

New version of Enterprise Service Bus software extends the Microsoft .NET Platform

Neudesic, a leading provider of business solutions that leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft product line, announced today the release of version 2।0 of Neuron-ESB. Neuron-ESB is an Enterprise Service Bus that extends the Microsoft Platform by providing real-time messaging, integration and web service management. Neuron-ESB accelerates SOA adoption by helping companies successfully implement real-time integration across their enterprise, allowing timely response to changing events within their business.

Neuron-ESB is built on the Microsoft Windows Communication Framework (WCF) technology to provide real-time reliable messaging options for companies adopting SOA। Neuron-ESB manages all communication over the bus by sending messages over "Topics" using a publish-subscribe pattern and supports federated, geographic deployments। Neuron-ESB helps companies administer and automate complex tasks and is proven to significantly reduce the infrastructure, development, training and long term support costs for businesses developing SOA solutions.

"Neuron-ESB provides the messaging backbone for all of our critical applications," said Jeffrey Sullivan, Chief Information Officer of ThinkCash. "Neuron-ESB allowed us to leverage our developers much more effectively while providing us the ability to go to market quickly with new solutions. We were able to shift our service development from the architect role to the more ubiquitous developer role while, decreasing our deployment time of new services by 50%. We started with just 1 developer who received 4 days of Neuron-ESB training. Within 6 months and no additional training, we had a 15X increase in the number of our internal developers who were able to use Neuron-ESB."

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