Tuesday, December 9, 2008

3 New ASP.NET Hands-on Virtual Labs

Here are three new hands-on Virtual Labs for ASP and AJAX. Virtual Labs provide an easy way to test drive Microsoft technologies, online, in a guided environment without having to download the software or install them on your computer.

1. MSDN Virtual Labs: ASP AJAX 3.5 SP1

· Add history points to an ASP.NET AJAX Web application using server controls
· Add history points to an ASP.NET AJAX Web application

2. MSDN Virtual Labs: Developing ASP.NET Dynamic Data

· Create a data-driven web application using ASP.NET Dynamic Data
· Add validation to the data model of your application
· Customize ASP.NET Dynamic Data rendering
· Customize ASP.NET Dynamic Data pages
· Customize ASP.NET Dynamic Data fields

3.MSDN Virtual Labs: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

· Understand ASP.NET MVC framework
· Create an ASP.NET MVC application
· Perform Testing when creating an ASP.NET MVC application
· Using the AJAX API


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