Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DropDownList asp.net Control

Sometimes we need a solution where we have to append certain hardcoded values which are given in the markup and then we have to append some values from the database after these hardcoded values.

These hardcoded value can be a single item saying “Select” or “Remove” or a list of asp list items.

So if we are not following the right steps in the sequence of databinding and clearing items from the dropdownlist control, this control may act a little different as we would have thought and create havoc in our programming life.

Today while building an application i came accross the similar situation where i have two dropdownlists one is “ddlCategories ” where current categories to which a post belongs are coming form the datasource it alos has a listitem value which is hardcoded in the markup saying Remove Existing Categories which have a value of -1 and index value 0.

There is one more list called “ddlAddUserCategories” in which all the categories related to particular user are databound using the datasource.

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