Saturday, April 28, 2012

JetBrains launches New Version of dotTrace Performance

 has released dotTrace 5.0 Performance, the latest version of its .NET performance profiling solution. In this release, users can now attach the profiler to running processes dynamically. Following are highlights of the dotTrace 5.0 Performance improvements and new features:

1. HTTP is now used for remote profiling instead of a custom protocol.
2. IPv4 and IPv6 are now supported for remote profiling.
3. Passphrase exchange has been removed between dotTrace 5.0 Performance and the remote agent, which makes profiling easier in restricted environments.
4. The dotTrace profiling agent can now run as a regular service or an ASP.NET Web Service.
5. dotTrace 5.0 Performance can attach the profiler to an existing .NET Framework 4.0 process and can run a sample performance analysis on the process.
6. Users can now attach to running remote processes.
7. dotTrace 5.0 Performance now includes support for ISS Express.

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