Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Microsoft IIS 8 new features

Each new version of Microsoft Internet Information Services is a little like a new installment in a novel series where each book comes several years apart, but proves to be well worth waiting for. IIS 8, which comes with Windows Server 8’s beta edition, has new features aimed at those who are putting together large-scale web hosts. But one of the nice side effects of those big-scale features is how they dial down to smaller hosts and individual servers as well.

1. CPU throttling: the nextgeneration

2. IIS 7’s CPU throttling feature is all-or-nothing: you either kill the offending process or take no action

3. SSL improvements

4. Centralized certificate management

5. Server Name Indication support (for using SSI with host headers)

6. Scalability

7. FTP Logon Restrictions and Dynamic IP Restrictions

8. Multicore scaling and NUMA awareness

9. WebSockets

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