Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Q2 release for Developer Tools annouces by Telerik

Portfolio of Developer Tools Deliver Broad Array of Enhancements for Mobile, Rich Data Visualization and Interactivity

Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application lifecycle and content management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the Q2 2012 release of its developer tools. This latest release from Telerik addresses developers' requirements around mobile, cloud, and the imminent arrival of the touch-driven Metro interface. Telerik's Q2 release is packed with enhancements facilitating web, desktop, mobile and cloud development, adds new data visualization controls for richer interactivity and sleeker visual data effects, as well as the first cloud-enabled flagship Visual Studio productivity tool.

Highlights of the release include:


Raising the bar on its RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, Telerik is shipping three controls, including the eagerly anticipated HTML5 Chart that introduces a new level of data visualizations to developers' applications. Also new are RadODataDataSource, helping developers readily bind controls to OData services, and RadBarCode, enabling them to easily add industry standard barcode formats to their apps. To deliver users a better experience with apps built using Telerik's controls on mobile devices, the company will also ship a new specifically designed mobile skin that features touch-friendly improvements, such as font size and larger clickable areas for elements.


Telerik breaks new ground to lead the industry by being the first and only vendor to cloud-enable its Visual Studio extension, JustCode. With this release, developers can simply save their JustCode settings in the cloud. Users can easily access and work with their customized settings from multiple machines or Visual Studio instances. In addition, helping developers stay even more efficient, a nifty "Clean All" feature will instantly organize, label and file everything in production quality files.

Telerik Report Designer

Graduating from beta to final release, the new Telerik Report Designer is a stand-alone Windows application that allows both end-users and developers to create, edit, export, and reuse ad-hoc reports on-the-fly. This tool empowers users to proactively analyze data using a friendly, timesaving report interface.

RadControls for Metro

Announced last week, Telerik is conducting an exclusive preview of industry- first commercial suite for building Windows 8 apps, RadControls for Metro, for attendees of Microsoft's TechEd 2012. The forthcoming toolset will provide key functionality on top of Windows 8 SDK. Interested developers can subscribe to the company's Windows 8 Dev Club or TechEd attendees can visit Telerik's booth (#1841) to obtain a special promo code in order to gain early access to the product.


Telerik's XAML suites are now more powerful than ever. Rich data visualization takes on new meaning with the official release of RadDiagrams, the beta release of RadGanttView, and the new RadHeatMap. RadDiagrams is a powerful, extensible diagramming framework that enables XAML developers to create a multitude of rich, interactive scenarios within their line-of-business applications. With RadGanttView, developers can import data from Microsoft Project to both visualize as well as manage data in their XAML applications. RadHeatMap is a matrix-like control that broadens data visualization capabilities by using color to encode values along two axes.

Windows Phone

RadControls for Windows Phone suite introduces more than 20 design Metro templates, including page and content templates, saving developers a significant amount of time. A Visual Studio wizard now assists developers in configuring an app's entire infrastructure, allowing them to focus solely on creating the app's core content. Other new features are: Pull to Refresh and Conversation View.


With this release, JustDecompile unites with Reflexil, the popular open source Assembly Editor plug-in. Now, .NET assemblies loaded in JustDecompile can be directly manipulated, further expanding the power of Telerik's free decompiler for everyone.


The company's agile project management solution, TeamPulse, introduces time tracking module aimed at teams looking for a simple, frictionless way to record project time. Users can log billable or non-billable time against tasks, user stories, and bugs or against generic tasks like meetings or support. TeamPulse Time Tracking also comes with a public API that allows integration with other systems.

Windows Forms

RadControls for WinForms features a brand new ChartView control that facilitates data visualization, achieving stunning visual effects. Telerik's suite for WinForms is also the first to introduce AutoCompleteBox, a highly-requested, tokenized control that brings to end-users the ability to easily fill-in tokens of text within a textbox, while benefitting from the built-in, auto-complete functionality.

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

Telerik's enterprise-grade ORM for .NET introduces a new Web Services Wizard. This new tool is capable of easily exposing the application data to client applications using various web services, yet without having developers write a single line of code

Q2 Webinar Week

Telerik's upcoming Q2 Webinar week is a 6-day event, packed with hour-long webinar sessions on the coolest new features shipping with the Q2 2012 release for each product. Release Webinar Week will be held from June 18-26. For the first time, Telerik will host an introductory webinar that provides an overview of the entire Telerik tool-box and caters specifically to people who are not already clients.

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