Friday, June 15, 2012

ScientiaMobile Announces Availability of WURFL Cloud Client for Python

Popular WURFL Device Description Repository (DDR) in the Cloud Now Available to Python Developers

ScientiaMobile, Inc., a US company offering the popular Open-Source WURFL framework commercially, has today announced the availability of a Python version of the Cloud Client for its WURFL Cloud Product. Companies that need to tailor their content to mobile devices can rely on state-of-the-art Device Detection from a company with 12 years experience in this field.

"ScientiaMobile has always paid particular attention to the community of developers" - said Luca Passani, ScientiaMobile's CTO. "This includes paying attention to developers of platforms different from Java, PHP and ASP.NET. While Python is not equally popular, tens of thousand of companies around the globe rely on Python for their business with great success and satisfaction. The availability of the Python Cloud Client sends a clear message: we are not letting Python developers down".

"Python flaunts an amazing and very active developer community. It was about time that DDR vendors realized the importance of this community and delivered a DDR framework for use as part of the Python language. I, for one, will point all my business contacts in need of a Device Detection solution to the WURFL Cloud from now on" - said Alan Lockett, a Python developer.

"Our free Cloud offer has quickly become popular among developers. Of course, Python programmers will be able to take advantage of it just like everyone else", said Steve Kamerman, COO at ScientiaMobile and long time Open-Source enthusiast.

The Python Cloud Client is made available to all registered users in their Cloud Control Panel.

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