Monday, May 21, 2012

Easy to Use website launched by Souhside Solutions

Southside Solutions, LLC has launched a new, updated, easy-to-use website that facilitates customer access to its valuable free education software, resources and information.

Southside Solutions, LLC – an Independent Software Vendor operating in the state of South Carolina since 2006 – has recently launched a new, easy-to-use website based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology. The change was implemented by the company Founder and CEO, Christopher Carl Kennedy, to make the site and its' resources easier to access and download.

Features of the new site include easier navigation, an updated Product description section, an updated Store and a new Links section, as well as easy access to free full version and demonstration software for Windows, Linux and Android devices.

Some of the available product titles under the site’s Downloads section include:
1. MyDictionary SE for Android  
2. Word of the Day .NET Lite Edition for Windows
3. Word of the Day X Lite Edition for Linux
4. MySoftware Suite 7 for Windows Demo Edition
5. QuickQuiz SE Lite for Android

Also available at Southside Solutions, LLC's new website are free online versions of the company's Word of the Day vocabulary software and QuickQuiz trivia game. Word of the Day Web Edition teaches users 366 words and definitions via rote memorization and QuickQuiz Web Edition is a great way to exercise perspicacity and have a little fun during the day. Both are waiting for the public to give them a try at Since you were staring at your computer screen anyway, why not learn something new today!

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