Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Syncfusion Releases Essential Studio 2012 Volume 2 with Project Wizard for ASP.NET MVC

Syncfusion, Inc., a leading provider of components for Windows development, announced today the release of Essential Studio 2012 Volume 2, which includes many new ASP.NET MVC features for both the mobile and desktop platforms. This announcement comes on the heels of the successful launch of its Metro Studio 1™—a suite of more than 600 vector-based Metro icons that are free to use and easy to customize.

The new Syncfusion Project Wizard for ASP.NET MVC saves developers time by enabling them to create starter projects that have all Syncfusion library references automatically added into the project files. With this wizard, developers can create a Syncfusion project from scratch or convert an existing ASP.NET MVC project into a Syncfusion project.

In addition to the project wizard, this release also includes:
1. PivotGrid control for Windows Forms—offers high performance and great features
2. Custom XlsIO pivot engine—for the run-time manipulation of pivot tables
3. Support for Quartet FS' ActivePivot engine

“Quartet FS’ ActivePivot engine is widely used for in-memory analytics. Our support comes in response to requests from our business intelligence studio customers. Now, developers can build awesome information portals that take advantage of the data analytics offered by the ActivePivot platform,” said Director of Business Development, Marissa Keller Outten.

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