Thursday, May 17, 2012

Embarcadero Announces Support for Windows 8 Metro Development with Release of Embarcadero Prism XE2.5

Cross Platform Flexibility Enables Rapid Development of Desktop and Mobile Applications for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Metro

Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, today announced the availability of Embarcadero Prism XE2.5, the cross-platform .NET Pascal development tool for rapidly developing .NET, Mono, and ASP.NET applications for Windows(R), Linux(R) and Mac OS X.

The latest release of Prism, which is also included as part of RAD Studio XE2, extends the reach of software developers with support for both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Metro application development and also supports the latest beta of Microsoft Visual Studio 11.

"Prism XE2.5 delivers the ability for developers get a head start building Metro applications for desktop and mobile today, while Windows 8 is in the beta preview stage," said Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Embarcadero. "It's Embarcadero's goal to provide developers with the best development solutions to leverage common skills and code deploying to Windows, iOS, Mac, and the Web. We're excited about Prism XE2.5's ability to help developers get ahead of the curve with Windows 8 and Metro development."

With the upcoming release of Windows 8 comes the new Windows Runtime (WinRT) API stack for creating visually stunning touch-enabled Metro applications. Prism XE2.5 provides experimental support for developing Metro apps and for working against the WinRT APIs, based on the current Consumer Preview of Windows 8.

"Embarcadero Prism and the Oxygene language continue to lead the way with innovative language features and support for the latest .NET Framework and Windows," said Jim McKeeth, Developer Evangelist at RemObjects Software and host of the Podcast at "Version 2.5 is a huge leap forward with support for Windows 8 Metro style applications and the Windows Runtime. I know developers are excited to develop apps for the newest version of Windows."

Other key features include:
1. Flow Control Analysis: The Oxygene compiler in Prism XE2.5 has been extended with an enhanced flow control analysis infrastructure that analyzes your code beyond the basic compile.

2. Await: The Oxygene language in Prism XE2.5 introduces the "await" keyword, which allows users to unwrap asynchronous calls and write linear code that can use or build on the results of asynchronous operations.

3. Mapped Types: Oxygene 5.1 in Prism XE2.5 adds support for an exciting new language concept called "mapped types," which are virtual classes or interfaces that map to existing types in the framework or your own code, exposing them with a different API.

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