Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Integration with Jigsaw in the new Data.com Connector releses by Kentico

Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) with Jigsaw's database, the world's largest database of complete contact and company information. The Kentico Data.com Connector enables websites to easily import contacts' details into Kentico EMS.

"The integration of Kentico EMS with Data.com allows our customers and partners to instantly access reliable and up-to-date contact information for their website visitors," said Petr Palas, the CEO and founder of Kentico Software. "The new Data.com integration provides an always-accessible source of relevant leads."

The Data.com Connector for Kentico EMS integrates the Data.com directory of millions of business contacts into the EMS interface, enabling companies to enhance leads with additional personal details from Data.com. Online marketers can compare and enhance their stored contacts' profiles with those in Data.com. This frees marketers from tedious data-sourcing and maintenance and provides confidence in the data that sales staff depend on, helping them quickly zero in on opportunities.

"We are pleased to offer seamless integration between the Kentico EMS easy-to-use, scalable website solution with the wealth of information that Data.com provides, in the Data.com Connector," said Eric Webb, President of Sales and Operations for North America. "With such easy access to relevant, high-quality contact information, our customers can easily and significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of their sales teams, all from within their website CMS."

Currently offered as a standalone installation for Kentico EMS, Data.com integration will be included as one of its many out-of-the-box features in version 7, to be released later this year.

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