Thursday, May 3, 2012

The SalesForce Connector for Integration With released by Kentico

Kentico Software, the Web content management system vendor, announced the integration of their Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) with, the world's most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The Kentico SalesForce Connector enables website contacts to replicate into your Salesforce organization as leads.

"The integration of Kentico EMS with allows our customers and partners the ability to harness the power of our real time Customer Experience Management solution and directly link it into the their Cloud CRM. The new SalesForce Connector enables companies to bridge the gap between their website visitors and their sales department," said Petr Palas, the CEO and founder of Kentico Software.

The SalesForce Connector for Kentico EMS integrates the lead scoring system of Kentico EMS, filtering contacts by an extensive set of custom rules and then replicates them to a Salesforce CRM as leads. As a result, sales departments are able to identify the most promising leads and to start working with them the moment they expose their interest. It also helps them to be far more accurate and efficient in the maintenance of current customer contact information.

"As part of our continuous effort to provide an end-to-end customer experience for Kentico EMS, we are pleased to introduce the SalesForce Connector," said Eric Webb, President of US Sales and Operations. "We are now proud to deliver the integration that many of our customers demand."

Currently offered as a standalone installation for Kentico EMS, Salesforce integration will be included as one of its many out-of-the-box features in version 7, to be released later this year.

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